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 Garamad - Capitol of the Nation of Man

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PostSubject: Garamad - Capitol of the Nation of Man   Garamad - Capitol of the Nation of Man Icon_minitimeThu May 26, 2011 12:46 pm

The city of Garamad is old; by human standards. It was built five centuries ago by the founding lords of the land who broke the bonds of slavery of their Orcish masters. Their leader, Harul, mustered a force of soldiers and assaulted the encampment of their overseer, seizing weapons and supplies to liberate the rest of their kin. The orcs were driven out of the region, and Harul ordered a city to be built to watch over the land for times to come. Thus, Garamad was built. It stands strong at the center of the Nation of Man, surrounded by the Crystal Mountains. The walls are high and sturdy, and the soldiers are well-trained and well-equipped. Many seiges have broken at the gates of Garamad. It is here that Harul died, and the people believe that his soul watches over the city and guides its leaders to victory in battle.
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PostSubject: Re: Garamad - Capitol of the Nation of Man   Garamad - Capitol of the Nation of Man Icon_minitimeSun Nov 27, 2011 2:54 am

After a day of traveling, Rapha, Tatsuya, and Zanna finally came to Garamad. It came as no surprise that there was a guard tasked with checking everyone's weapons and equipment; the Capitol of Men had always been a bit paranoid. Garamad had no problem with weapons, and just about every adult male carried at least one, but drugs and other substances was a different matter entirely. They weren't impossible to find, but it did require a rather hefty amount of gold.

Seeing as they weren't dealing in illicit substances, the three were in no danger of being thrown away or worse: imprisoned. Rapha, the boldest of the group, went first. As he threw off his cloak the guard flinched, obviously expecting a fight, but the mercenary merely lifted his arms into the standard search position.

Conspicuous was not how Rapha did things, and his outfit certainly reflected that. He eschewed shirts, preferring to wear his scarred, grey-white chest as a challenge to the foolhardy. The gauntlets on his arms were made of black plates with steel accents, and two horns sprouted from the wrist and went slightly over the back of his hand. Similar looking armor was on his thighs, and this time the horns went over his knee. Fitted black pants were tucked into high black boots, and he wore a pair of jet black sabatons. Rapha kept his sword hanging behind him, and with it still in a sheathe it was difficult to discern much about it, other than it had a battered black scabbard and a battle-damaged hilt.

The man with the mismatched eyes was cleared rather quickly, seeing as he lacked much clothing of any sort. The Foreigner was next to be searched, and garnered an odd look when he took off his cloak. He wore two robes: the inner was a dark blue-green, and had an interesting pattern; the outer was purple and had a line of intersecting golden rings on the side of his chest. Part of the outer robe was folded outwards, exposing the inner robe, and it was a light brown. The pants were a green sort of samurai britches, and his shins were covered in white bandages. Like most easterners, he wore straw sandals. Thrust through a white sash were two swords, the longer katana and the shorter wakizashi. Both had the same guard, and green-wrapped handle. Needless to say, he looked quite out of place; his jade eyes and foreign hairstyle didn't help matters.

Because he looked odd, the guard searched Tatsuya several times before letting him pass through. Now only Zanna was left. She tossed aside her shroud, revealing blood red hair that contrasted heavily against pale skin. She wore black, close fitting leather pants and a tattered dress. She had gauntlets, cuisses, and a breastplate all in a similar style to Rapha's armor, and black pauldron's with a lion's head design. The guard was a bit overtaken by her form, but the deep scar that stretched across her face deterred him. After a quick search, she was let through as well.

Once inside the city, Rapha and his gang made a beeline for the seediest district. They had little money to spare, so it was imperative that they get a job soon. Their garb attracted attention, especially from the base ruffians that inhabited this part of the Garamad. A particular establishment immediately caught their attention: A large sign that read "The Orc's Arm" was visible and, true to it's name, some sort of decaying forearm was hanging from it by means of meathooks. It was certainly shady enough to have the kind of people that would give work to the trio.

((I use double parenthesis for OOC parts so...yeah. And oh my...this post is huge xD Hope you guys like descriptions xDDD))

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Garamad - Capitol of the Nation of Man
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