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 Jevryn of the Forest

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PostSubject: Jevryn of the Forest   Thu Jun 02, 2011 2:43 pm

I'm making a second character so that we can keep the stories going, despite our low attendance on the forum. His posts will be in orange so that it doesn't get confusing.

Name: Jevryn
Sex: Male
Race: Wood Elf
Profession: Blacksmith
Age: 72
Religion: Nature
Background: Jevryn was born to the blacksmith of Avynral. His father was accused of stealing food from the market during a very bad economic time, and was sentenced to death. After his father's execution, Jevryn took over his smithing business, but never forgave Farona for her judgment. He was in the forest one day, and felt a contact from one called Farlok. Farlok taught him the ways of nature, the flow and balance of the world, and taught him of the Tybai, the creators of nature. Jevryn follows the ways of the Tybai, and spends much time in the forest.
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Jevryn of the Forest
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