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 Chenda of Doherwos

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PostSubject: Chenda of Doherwos   Chenda of Doherwos Icon_minitimeThu Oct 13, 2011 4:51 pm

Name: Chenda
Race: Dryad
Sex: Female
Religion: typical Dryad nature stuff
Profession: Healer
Age: 26
Background: Very young for her profession, Chenda has always been the clever one. She's used to being an outsider, as she doesn't quite see the world around her as others do. Not only in the sense of perspective, but she was born color blind. Short for her age, she often was teased by her cousins, siblings, and others of her age group. She seems to have a bit of a crush on Fawzi, as he once saved her from some bullies, and he was the first to suggest to her that she become a healer. Chenda's greatest love, however, is Doherwos Forest, she would never leave if she could help it. Some suspect that she feels somewhat responsible for the disease in Doherwos, since she's a skilled healer, but unable to do anything to alleviate the suffering. She has a strong respect for authority and rarely does anything out of the ordinary. She's a bit conservative. Sweet and above all kind, Chenda will do anything for her friends.
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Chenda of Doherwos
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