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 Knight Alden of the Round Table

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PostSubject: Knight Alden of the Round Table   Knight Alden of the Round Table Icon_minitimeWed Nov 23, 2011 5:53 pm

Name: Sir Alden
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Religion: Catholic
Profession: Knight of the Round Table
Background: A son of a little known lord in the South East part of England, who has supported King Arthur in his fights against the Saxon invaders. In return the lord asked King Arthur a chance for his son to join the Round Table. King Arthur agreed and gave Alden the challenge of killing the leader of the Somersaetas, Alric the Beheader, in battle. Alric received the title of the Beheader for killing men using one swift movement of his sword and beheads his victor.
Alden only smiled when his father and other memebers of the lord's court was terrified, and Alden asks Arthur, "Only Alric or would like the rest of his men as well?", "Just Alric" said Arthur, "As you wish." Alden says and then heads out to Alric's camp.
When Alden arrives at Alfri's camp he walks into the middle of dinner and stares down the Saxon leader and announced "Alfric the Beheader! I challenge thy to fight to the death!"
Alfric and his mean all laugh, but Alden justs smiles and announces "I must've been mistaken. I have addressed to Alfric the Jester perhaps, not even worth acknowledging..." then the laughter ceased and Alfric drew his blade and charged towards Alden. The Saxon is as wide a a calf and his sholders areat the same level as Alden's head.
The fight continues for two days neither of the two resting, fighting through day, dawn, dusk and night. Until the moment when Alfric overpowers Alden and kicks him to the ground.
As the Beheader swings his sword to claim Alden's head, the knight stops the blade with his left hand and swings his sword and beheads the Beheader. With the victory over the savage Saxon leader he travels back to his home, but lost his ring and little fingers in the process of defending himself.
When he finally joins the King Arthur's court the king asks him "What did you learn from you trial in joining the court Knight Alden?"
"My King, I learned that pride can be both a gift and curse, with pride you can accomplish anything you desire, but can easily led one becoming arrogant. If not for my arrogance I would still have all my fingers, though in the future I will be more alert to keep my pride at check so I may not lose anything else."
The knights the table agree with Alden's reflection and feast to his joining of the court. His playful attitude nad energetic nature was a welcomed addition to the Table.
After a month the knights are called to battle against Morgan le Fay and her army of the undead.
During this battle Alden has become Merlin's bodyguard and helps the wizard find the Fairy and stop the army of the undead.
Though not known to the two is that Morgan pocesses an apprenitce and all four engage in battle.
The result of the battle is when the three magic wielders all shoot their magic at each other creating rift in reality itself and sucking in not only Alden, but Morgan le Fay's apprentice as well.
Now the Kngiht searches not only for a way home, but kill the fairy that traveled with him to this new world.
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Knight Alden of the Round Table
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