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 Gerwulf Bullsturm

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PostSubject: Gerwulf Bullsturm   Gerwulf Bullsturm Icon_minitimeThu Nov 24, 2011 1:40 am

Name: Gerwulf Bullsturm
Sex: Male, as if the masculine name wasn't clear enough Wink
Race: Stone Dwarf
Profession: Mountain Guard
Age: 96
Religion: Stone Dwarves believe that the mountain is a God, and worship their home mountain
Background: Gerwulf is a born warrior. Tall for a dwarf, at 5' 3", and stocky like his fathers before him, Gerwulf learned from a very young age that the best companion in the world is his hammer. His father was killed after Gerwulf's first blood ritual during a raid on a particularly troublesome clan of orcs. Ever since, Gerwulf has facilitated a vicious animosity toward all orcish races. He wields Shiva, his mighty battle hammer, proudly, crushing foes under its brute power. He also has two small battle axes, each with a leather strap attached to the shaft, allowing Gerwulf to spin the blades like a windmill to take out his foes. His most prized possession besides his deadly weapons is, like all dwarves, his beard. Groomed to perfection, his mahogany whiskers stretch to his mid-abdomen, trimmed in precious metal loops and garnishes. For battle, Gerwulf dons his iron skullcap engraved with the words: Zu bohren dem Boese durch ist zu leben. To pierce the evil is to live. The helm is fitted with a long spear point at the top, allowing Gerwulf to ram his foes with his rock-hard skull. He is a vicious fighter, and his home is adorned with trophies of his kills. Many respect him, and even more fear him, but outside of battle, he is mild-mannered, if a tad crude. His clansmen find him humorous and easy to be around, as well as the best guy to be with when they're cornered.
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Gerwulf Bullsturm
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