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PostSubject: Kadyseljia   Kadyseljia Icon_minitimeWed May 25, 2011 10:15 pm

Here's the character I'm going to start with. Once we get more posts going on and more complex storylines, I might introduce another.

Name: Kadyseljia
Sex: Female
Race: Half-Elf (elven mother, demon father)
Profession: Priestess
Age: 57
Religion: Priestess of Farona
Background: Kadyseljia was born to her elven mother in the small town of Avynral. Her mother was High Priestess of Farona, the elven goddess of justice. During an encounter with a hell-worshipper, she was raped by a demon-captain named Vaguln. Kady was born, and her mother died shortly after due to the complications of being the mother of a demon. Kady was cleansed after being born, safeguarding her from the evil essence that sought to inhabit her and make her fully evil. She grew up as a Child of Farona, and eventually began to study the ways of the priestess. She has a strong spiritual connection with her goddess, but her mind is clouded with the allure of power offered by her demonic heritage. She has a long personal journey ahead of her before she can expel the demon in her soul entirely.
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