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 Ordthunk Gore-Drinker

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PostSubject: Ordthunk Gore-Drinker   Ordthunk Gore-Drinker Icon_minitimeSat Nov 26, 2011 11:05 am

Name: Ordthunk Gore-Drinker
Sex: Male
Race: Orc
Profession: Barbarian Orc
Age: 20
Religion: The blood of his slain foes reveals flashes. Some say they are of the past, some say of the future, but all agree they are intoxicating.

Background: Ordthunk is of the Gore-Drinker Clan of orcs, and the son of the current chieftain. His father is quite old, and Ordthunk is preparing to take control. As he prepares to become War Chief, he has a goal in mind. The Gore-Drinker's claim to be the original orc clan that once ruled the lands around Garamad. Ordthunk's goal is to become the leader who unites the Orc bands, and wipes out Garamad.
Ordthunk is ambitious, and a vicious, bloodthirsty warrior. He is intelligent and charismatic... at least, as much as an orc can be. With a strong sense of pride, he takes any killing of orcs, of any clan, as a personal attack. He wields his battleaxe Slaughter without technique, but more than makes up for it with furious power.
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Ordthunk Gore-Drinker
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