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 Alexis the Amazon

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PostSubject: Alexis the Amazon   Sat Nov 26, 2011 10:44 pm

Name: Alexis
Race: Amazionian
Sex: Female
Age: 122
Background: An amazon on a long forgotten island lost at sea. The gods that these amazons worship grant them an island paradise, and enternal youth for their devotion to the gods. After years of training in the ways of peace and war, the amazons were asked by their gods to send one of their own out to the outside world to spread the word of peace.
The canadite that was decided to go to the outside world was Alexis, and now travels to spread the word of peace, also to end oppression whereever she goes. Though she is always looking for a reason to fight. Her equipment include armor the keeps her immune to magic, a spear, shortsword, large shield, and a bag that stores her collected items in a reality that the gods created for her to make carrying things easier.
(Note: If someon needs a character for their story just respond to his post and I will bring her into set story. Since she is partially a traveler she has a reason she appears in multiple stories.)
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Alexis the Amazon
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