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PostSubject: Sovereigns   Sovereigns Icon_minitimeWed Dec 21, 2011 10:22 pm

The Sovereigns are the "gods" of Brayst. They were the first beings in the land, and created the races themselves. Almost all of the Sovereigns are worshipped, but their worshippers believe that only their Sovereign exists. Also, they don't refer to them as Sovereigns.

Bergin: Worshipped by the dwarves. He is revered as the Father of the Dwarves, and was born from the mountains themselves. He claims dominion over the mountains.

Meere: Worshipped by the dwarves. She is the Mother of the Dwarves, who came up from the ocean floor to meet Bergin. She claims dominion over the oceans, though the dwarves only worship her as the Mother, not as a goddess of the sea.

: Worshipped by the elves. Farona gave birth to the elves, molding them from the sand of the ocean and the dirt of the forests. She is the goddess of Justice.

: He is worshipped by none, but has a strong connection to the elves. Kestal was once worshipped by the elves as the god of peace, but years of war destroyed the entire knowledge of his existence. He is also active in the life of the Dryads, but they worship him as a part of Mother Nature.

Pascha: Worshipped by men, Pascha is the Sovereign of life. She was the first Sovereign, and created all of the other Sovereigns from her own body. It is unknown where she came from. She created man to counteract the death of emotion caused by the longevity of the other races. Man introduced passion back into Brayst, but also caused much conflict. Man worships her as all powerful, which she is not.

: Worshipped by the Dryads as the Earth Mother, Natura is the Sovereign of the earth and plants. She created the Tybai to protect her creations, using the essence of trees and earth so that they could have a powerful spiritual connection with nature. The Tybai gave way to the Dryads, who were not as directly connected to the forests, but still had a passionate love for them.

Nefelgh: Worshipped by the orcs. Nefelgh is the Sovereign of chaos and war. The orcs worship him because of his great power, and the strong magic that they have inherited from him. Nefelgh was born at the same time as Kestal and Farona. In order for balance to be kept, Nefelgh is as powerful as Farona and Kestal combined. But because of the nature of war, Nefelgh's followers gained many enemies, greatly weakening Nefelgh's influence in Brayst.

Desh: Desh was the first Vikather. He is the Sovereign of death. He had abused his power and created vast legions of undead, and allied with Nefelgh to assault the ancient strongholds of the elves. After the turmoil, the elves power had been consolidated the the west and the mystic islands to the south, and Desh was banished to Hell. He then took power over the lower domains and created the Vikather to be his gaolers in Hell. He was born almost immediately after Pascha out of the necessity for a cycle of life.
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