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 Overview of the Races

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Overview of the Races Empty
PostSubject: Overview of the Races   Overview of the Races Icon_minitimeWed Jan 11, 2012 9:12 pm

(Tis a work in progress)

Western Elves

The Western Elven Empire (Harred) is located in the northwest of the Main Continent, bordering the south edge of the Crystal Mountains. It extends south and west to the sea, and east to the Black Desert and the Plains of Andhuul. The capital city, Avynral, is positioned at the southern tip of the Crystal Mountains, which protect its northern border. The empire is home to about a quarter million elves and a few merchants of other races. The elves are pale skinned, with pointed ears, but not as exaggerated as their southern counterparts. They have long, narrow jawlines, with pronounced cheekbones placed high on their face. Most ranger between five and five and a half feet tall. Mostly thin, the elves consist of mostly lean muscle, not bulk. Their speaking and cultural habits are greatly influenced by men due to frequent contact. Almost all Harredynspeak modern Elvish and Contemporary, the common language spoken by men and dwarves. Generally withdrawn, the Western Elves don't open up easily to outsiders, but are in no way hostile, unless threatened. They worship Farona, and take her word as law, forming a purely theocratic nation.

Southern Elven Empire

The Southern Elven Empire, or Ered, stretches across the entire southern peninsula of the Main Continent. Home to more than three million elves as well as thousands of Tybai, it is entirely cut off from the rest of the Main Continent by a half-mile high stone wall and magical wards which render the wall invisible. The Eredyn are tanner than their western cousins, and have more a more defined point to their ears. Most of their other features are the same, except that more Eredyn have dark hair than is found among the Harredyn. They are slightly taller on average, and tend to live longer by about fifty years. They are very friendly, as they are accustomed to having no threats, either internal or external. They worship Kestal and Farona primarily, though are aware of the existence of the other Sovereigns, conforming to the ancient culture from before the Cycle Wars. Because of Kestal's influence, the Eredyn have next to no military, and the soldiers they have act more as policemen and help protect villages from wild predators, such as wolves and gaunts (human-sized bat-wolf hybrids). Almost all Eredyn can use magic, though most consists of mundane spells used to help around the house and with farming. Those with a greater affinity for the arcane are sent to the School of the Mystics to be trained to more fully control their powers. They are then commissioned to either maintaining the magical barrier between Ered and the outside world, or to hunt gaunts. The Eredyn are highly civilized and, with the Tybai, are the last people of Brayst to have contact with the Sovereigns directly. In addition, the Eredyn speak ancient Elvish (very similar to modern Elvish), the language of the Tybai, and Dragesh, which allows them to communicate with the Guardians.
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Overview of the Races
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