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 Kordrun Kindblade

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Character sheet

PostSubject: Kordrun Kindblade   Sat Feb 25, 2012 7:15 pm

Name: Kordrun Kindblade
Race: Half-Elf
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Occupation (Previous to current): Orphan, Rogue, Guild Master, Outlaw
Religion: None

Biography: Kordrun was born to Sir Aric, a knight whose loyalties lie entirely to the kingdom of Harzil. Aric was part of the entourage to Drimswood forest, the capital of the Elven Empire to the south to make alliance negotiations. In an outlying village, Aric's entourage repelled a hunting band of trolls, saving Priestess Denatheril Longleaf. The two fell in love, and the negotiations between Harzil and the Elves went well, Aric staying behind as Ambassador with his new wife. The two had Kordrun.

Kordrun's childhood was spent traveling the countryside with his parents. One such of these stops was Torrick, a city in Harzil's kingdom. The caravan was attacked in Rogue's Ravine, both parents slain in the struggle. Five-year-old Kordrun was left asleep in a wagon, found later in the Thieves Guild. Guild Master Futh'ark appointed his Second-in-Command, Rosencrantz, to train the boy to grow up to be a fine rogue.

Kordrun, for the next seven years was trained to become a silent, stealthy thief, one of the finest the guild has seen. He would go on to do several thieving jobs, but in the back of his mind, Kordrun questioned his orders in slaying his targets in the midst of robbing them. Instead, Kordrun made it a habit to render his prey unconscious or incapacitated. His reputation as Kordrun the Kind reached several other Thieves' Guilds around the continent. Rosencrantz, the successor to Futh'ark after his "mysterious" demise, would continue overseeing Kordrun's training and ultimately acting as a father figure to him.

Kordrun would later lead a raid on a caravan passing through Rogue's Ravine, the only casualty being a single Mage. Kordrun's successful raid would be frowned upon by Rosencrantz, as Kordrun seemingly disobeyed orders, when he clearly didn't. Kordrun, never once having to take a single life, found he would be Rosencrantz's assassin, and by right, successor to the Thieves Guild.

Kordrun's station as the Guild Master wouldn't last long, however, as Torrick would find itself under assault by servants of Demros the Black Hand. Kordrun, leading the guild to defend the city, panics and flees. He escapes Torrick with a young Mage named Alexandrea Prismstar (See her profile when I get it up).

What follows is an adventure the likes of which Kordrun will remember for end of his days, for you read about, when I finish writing River of Blood and Steel: Book 1 of the Lightguard Saga.
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Character sheet
Name: Amus
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PostSubject: Re: Kordrun Kindblade   Sun Feb 26, 2012 11:55 pm

So this character is not intended for cooperative writing? If you're interested in a bit of help, I've got a character and some of a universe that I'm in the process of developing myself that could, with some adjustments, fit into this. If not, it's cool. Just thought I'd make the suggestion. If you're interested, I can give you some basic backgroudn on what I've been planning. There isn't much to it yet.
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Kordrun Kindblade
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