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 Meet Fawzi

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PostSubject: Meet Fawzi   Meet Fawzi Icon_minitimeWed May 25, 2011 11:32 pm

Ok: so, let's try this out. Character development is probably not my strong suit... oh, well.

Name: Fawzi
Sex: Male
Race: Dryad
Profession: Protector of Doherwos Forest
Age: 32 years
Religion: not an actual religion, just the typical nature love/worship of Dryads
Background: Fawzi leads a charmed life: born to loving parents with lots of siblings to play with, he dwells in a beautiful wood and has relatively few problems. However, now Doherwos forest is under threat of destruction. And so he's journeying outside his forest for the first time, in order to petition anyone who can to help him.
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Meet Fawzi
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